How many of you have ever felt like you were too “bad” to pray? I have. This subject is close to me because there was a time in my life where I thought I had sinned too much to ask anything or the Father. I told myself that after everything I had done, I do not deserve anything and how could I pray for anyone else when I couldn’t even get myself together. In my 20’s, I had no idea how to pray because I allowed the enemy to cause me to feel less than what I was worth. I struggled with low self esteem and told myself it was easier to not pray at all than to continue to pray in vain.
When we become consumed by our shortcomings, we failed to understand the power of intercession. Romans 8:26 reminds us that it is the Spirit who intercedes for us. So many of us think that we don’t know what to say when we pray but the Spirit intercedes for us to say those words we long to express but cannot. The spirit intercedes in the midst of our fears and insecurities. When we are discouraged by sin, we have the Holy Spirit to stand in our place. I thank God that when I was deep in depression and anxiety, the Holy Spirit stood in the gap for me and interceded for me.

In Ephesians 3, Paul calls himself the least of all saints. Little did he know the impact he would have on all Christianity. Have you ever felt to be the least? When you do, continue reading this passage in Ephesians. Paul, despite feeling as though he was the least, had confidence in the power of grace. He knew that by grace he was being used by God to share the gospel.  And by faith, we can boldly access the Father. Not only do we have access, we also can intercede for others. Doesn’t matter who we are, what we have done, what we look like. By faith, we have access. Paul continues in the scripture to pray for the Ephesians, and we get to this well known scripture that says Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us Ephesians 3:20.Are you also discounting God through your lack of confidence? Do you discredit His ability to use you? Do you believe that He will do as He has said and hears your prayers? Have you made Him lesser because you feel unworthy?

1 John 4:4-6says Greater is He that is in me. Do you believe that He is within you? Do you believe you have overcame them? “Them” can be anything you are facing right now. You have overcome idolatry, sexual sin, a foul mouth, gossip. You have overcome anxiety, depression, PTSD, cancer, diabetes. You have overcome if you would just believe. And when you overcome you exude confidence and boldness in God. He is the lifter of our heads. We were not meant to walk around slumped to the ground. We were not meant to be so self-conscious and insecure that we don’t even try to pray. Prayer is the answer. In prayer we become strong and we are reminded of how loved we are. We are reminded of God’s strength and His purpose for us. In prayer we intercede for our brothers and sisters. In prayer is healing from whatever is still hurting you from your past. Prayer is the answer and we must boldly, confidently pray. Not by our works but by our faith will things begin to change through Kingdom Prayer.


Who needs to tell you that you are doing okay? That you are making the right decisions? Where does your validation lie? Sometimes it seems like it is not enough for God to say I love you, I forgive you, I trust you to move on. We look for validation from certain people or things. For me, if my parents say that I am doing well, then I believe it. When I tell myself, it seems like a non existent self-validation. Why do we rely on others to make everything better? I have gone through highs and lows. In my high moments, those who I sought to say "good job" were not there but God all along was saying "I believe in you." People hold you to your past and the things you have done. A majority of people have a hard time seeing the good and only complain or point out the bad. Have you ever been in a situation where you were so proud of yourself but here comes "debbie-downer" to point out the one thing you did wrong? Or you try to live in your moment, here and now, and someone reminds you of what you did months before. Sometimes it seems like others hold on to your past more than you do.

I say all that to say, do not look to others to validate you or your actions. Look within. Self-validation is one of the most affective things for your growth. When you let people go and you let the opinion of others go, you can move forward. You know yourself and your walk the best. You know where you stand at this present moment. You should be a bubble in a world of "negative-nancies" and complainers to the point where their words bounce right off of you. In time, they will shut up and realize you don't even care about their opinion.

In the life of an EXTRAordinary person, many things that you do will not make sense to others and you cannot knock them for not understanding. This journey is personal and sometimes it is a secret between you and God. Others do not need to be included, even your parents. Let them go. You are awesome, unique, and your book is a totally different genre from anyone else. Let God validate you. Let God give you the fulfillment you seek. Live inside out not outside in.

I prayed and cried for a good minute tonight because of others negativity but God reassured me that He loves me and knows that my journey is just beginning. His grace abounds and covers all past hurt and defeat. And when others try to hold me down, He lifts my head high and encourages me to keep my eyes on him. When I need a big hug from my heavenly father, He is there and more than able to give me comfort better than anyone else can give me. No one else matters. Just me and my daddy.


I look around at some of the topics on Facebook and I realize how truly blind people are. Starbucks cup, who did you pray for, etc. etc. It is so disgusting the way the world pretends that it is ignorant to the bigger issues. The enemy comes in to distract you from consciousness. Distraction keeps you from truly tapping in to that deeper self that tells you the real issues to worry about. The end times are at hand. War is coming and instead of worrying about a red cup or butt implants, we should be worried about the state of the world right now. The world is at its demise. Satan's kingdom is at it's end and it is crucial for people to WAKE UP! Realize what is going on. Revelation is here! There are those who will chose consciousness and fight and there are those who will choose to remain lost in Israel. True Christians need to realize that this time is important to open peoples minds to the truth. America has failed at displaying the truth and those who truly seek God can spot the liars in our system. Will you be deceived? Will you be so easily swayed by the enemy? We are at war and not at war against Muslims as the simplest would say but we are at war against evil and deception including the American System. It's time for a Christian uprising where we stand for God wholeheartedly. Sometimes the recent events scare me but i know that is result of the enemy. Fear is not of God. I can stand boldly before any adversary knowing that God has given me the victory. It is too crucial at this point. Look at the world around you and read Revelations. Our mission is not to make it to Heaven but to fight the good fight and honor God with our sacrifice, living as an example as Christ. Giving our lives for the advancement of the kingdom. Our mission as Christians is not to be idol and sit around and wait for Heaven to come, it is to fight in the battle against the enemy. We are warriors of God. This life is not easy. It does not come without conflict.  This s what we are made for so guard yourselves with the armor of God. Put on your breastplate of righteousness and fight. This is our TIME! No more hiding in the darkness. Let your light shine before ALL men. Here we go!


God, I know you are ever present and have you hands over my life. I know that you have great things in store for me.

Help me to be confident in you and trust you even when I do not understand.

Help me to see what is so far beyond me.

Help me to in my times of doubt and disbelief.

Help me when I feel lost and remind me that you are right beside me steering me clear of dangers that I am unaware of.

You are amazing in all of your ways

Thank you for the favor you have place on my life

Thank you for the good times and the bad times

For in everything you are glorified

I am not suffering, I am not in need

You have always provided for me

I am confident that you will provide wisdom and understanding in my time of stillness

Speak to me God

Lead me

Guide me and I will follow

And when the enemy tries to come in like a flood

I will keep my eyes fixed upon you

When the enemy tries to discourage me

i will remind Him the victory is forever yours

Thank you for your love, grace, and mercy

I will hide myself in you

With my face towards the wall I will seek you and only you

For there is no other God but you

In Jesus name, Amen.