Awe and Wonder

The sun is rising Clouds form in mysterious ways

The canvas is painted

How amazing it is that God granted us feet to stand in awe and wonder of his marvelous works.

There's a scent to every season

A taste to every memory

A sound to each moment

Being ever present in the glory of all that is around me

The past is gone, today is here

The world is vast, bigger than me

The future is a guiding star to my destiny

Look up, taste and see the endless sky full of mysteries the mind cannot even comprehend

I stop and wait

Shooting stars across the sky

Cool breeze on my face

Pausing in the midst of the chaos to appreciate what is taken granted

Oh God I am in awe and wonder

Let me not forget to enjoy your presence

Every chance I get

In the coolness of the morning, the stillness of the day, and quietness of the night