How many times have you found yourself stuck in complaining? It's like once you get started, it is hard to stop. There are some people who have made complaining a lifestyle. That type of behavior can be exhausting. We are so blessed to live in America with all the luxuries that we have. There is no reason for complaining. There are people who liven third world countries who could complain all day about not having food or clean water yet they do not say a word. Maybe it comes down to our discipline. How disciplined are you to not give in to complaining? It is so easy to be disgruntle. It is so easy to find fault especially when we feel entitled or privileged. So what can we do to maintain an attitude of gratitude? Even when the people around us are leaving an ungrateful lifestyle. I think the major thing to do is to be disciplined. Whenever negative thoughts or complaining tries to come into you mind, stop them. Easier said than done right. Well what about if we replace every negative thought with a positive affirmation. For example, if your food was not prepared the way you wanted it at a restaurant, instead of complaining and feeling entitled, replace those thoughts with Thank you God that I have food to eat because I know there are those who are less fortunate. Eventually you will complain less.

Complaining is totally the opposite of praising which is what God made us to do. To love people, the greatest commandment, is to love them in spite of the things they do. When you want to complain about a person or what they did to you, are you giving any glory to God? Is this something that God would want you to do? To live a life miserable because nothing is good enough for you? That is not the way God has made us to live. What a waste of time. What does complaining accomplish, nothing.

I am striving to have an attitude of gratitude and to change the mood around me. We have more control over our environment than we think. We do not HAVE to complain and it is not essential to life so I will do my best to only participate in activities that glorify God and are necessary. Stop complaining. You are blessed and highly favored. God has always provided and never put you in a situation you cannot bear.