My mind is clouded by years of pain

many inches of rain

flooding my mind

with nothingness.

Even in the fog

you can see the brightest light

when you lose sight

but clarity fails you

and understanding is gone.

Wandering in the mist

You thought you were strong

trying to make sense of a new song

The haze in many ways

makes the mind go crazy.

Where is my lighthouse

that guidance I long for

leading me to the shore

My hope for direction

grows weaker with each moment.

BUT all along

the brightest light in the distance

shined in every instance

never fading

never lost.

I come to the realization

the fog is an illusion

when I'm seeking a resolution

and I knew all along

my direction was towards the shore.

Isn't it funny how we cloud our own vision. We clearly know the answer and the direction God is pointing us in but we let chaos and confusion come in like a flood, messing up what we already knew was the right path. God did not make us ignorant. He did not intend for us to not hear and listen to the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit. We complicate things that are very clear and very simple. Why does it have to be so dramatic? If we listened in the first place, could you imagine the things we could avoid or embrace. Trusting God involves trusting that you trust God and not second guessing that. Many people ask, well how do I know that God is talking to me and it's not just me talking to myself? Honestly, you know. You know more than you give yourself credit. In some cases the only confusion in a situation is caused by you second guessing what God has told you (not trusting Him). The enemy causes discord in our lives but some of the time it is ourselves who cause the discord. What would happen if we truly trusted the intuition (the Holy Spirit) that God has given us? Why can't things be simple? Why can't we be sure in the decisions God leads us to make and the direction He is taking us? These are things we really need to evaluate.

I am working on simply trusting God. Key word is simply. My life can be uncomplicated if I stop complicating it. God would not do anything to cause confusion therefore He would not lead you in the wrong direction. Trust Him and the still small voice that guides you.