Have faith in God. I have breathe in my lungs, blood running through my veins, and the ability to believe that God can work miracles. Do I understand God, not at all. Have I tried to understand, yes. In my attempt to understand did I gain any clarity, not yet. Why do I have to understand? God says for my ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts. God's level is so above our own. We haven't even been able to tap into the full capacity of our own minds, how do we expect to tap into God's. I don't understand but I know God is faithful. Even when we mess up our lives in our own rebellion. The pressure comes from impatience, doubt, fear, longing to understand. Our self created pressure will crush us if we let it. All these emotions are the opposite of what God desires us to feel. If there was a manual on how to live a carefree life... wait there is one. It is written in the word to trust God. That's the key to peace, happiness, and a carefree life. Carefree meaning that you have left everything in God's hands, good or bad. For some reason, this is not an easy thing to do; to let go. I am striving to relieve the pressure I have put on myself and live the life God has me to live despite my mistakes. My mistakes are yesterday and today is here and now.